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  • By Jorge Alvarez
    WOW Classic Gold US Arcanite Reaper - Alliance 3000Gold
    Add Time: Aug/10/2023
  • By Derin Can Azizof
    WOW Classic Gold EU Gehennas - Horde 1000Gold
    Add Time: Jul/30/2021
  • By Aslan
    WOW Classic Gold EU Пламегор (Flamegor) - Horde 300Gold
    Add Time: Jun/05/2021
  • By Maciej Kozlowski
    WOW Classic Gold EU Gehennas - Alliance 400Gold
    Add Time: Nov/02/2020
  • By Maciej Kozłowski
    WOW Classic Gold EU Gehennas - Alliance 250Gold
    Add Time: Oct/19/2020
  • By 22
    WOW Classic Gold US Anathema - Alliance 100Gold
    Add Time: Oct/05/2020
  • By
    WOW Classic Gold EU Razorgore - Alliance 500Gold
    Add Time: Jun/09/2020
  • By
    WOW Classic Gold EU Razorgore - Alliance 500Gold
    Add Time: Jun/03/2020
  • By
    WOW Classic Gold US Rattlegore - Alliance 150Gold
    Add Time: Jun/02/2020
  • By
    WOW Classic Gold EU Razorgore - Alliance 500Gold
    Add Time: Jun/02/2020
  • By
    WOW Classic Gold EU Razorgore - Alliance 500Gold
    Add Time: Jun/02/2020
  • By Ke'bab
    WOW Classic Gold US Rattlegore - Alliance 100Gold
    Add Time: May/29/2020
  • By
    WOW Classic Gold EU Razorgore - Alliance 500Gold
    Add Time: May/28/2020
  • By
    WOW Classic Gold EU Skullflame - Horde 3000Gold
    Add Time: May/28/2020
  • By derin can azizof
    WOW Classic Gold EU Skullflame - Horde 3000Gold
    Add Time: May/28/2020
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Amnennar - Alliance Amnennar - Horde
Ashbringer - Alliance Ashbringer - Horde
Auberdine - Alliance Auberdine - Horde

Bloodfang - Alliance Bloodfang - Horde

Dragon's Call - Alliance Dragon's Call - Horde
Dragonfang - Alliance Dragonfang - Horde
Dreadmist - Alliance Dreadmist - Horde

Earthshaker - Alliance Earthshaker - Horde
Everlook - Alliance Everlook - Horde

Finkle - Alliance Finkle - Horde
Firemaw - Alliance Firemaw - Horde
Flamelash - Alliance Flamelash - Horde

Gandling - Alliance Gandling - Horde
Gehennas - Alliance Gehennas - Horde
Golemagg - Alliance Golemagg - Horde

Harbinger of Doom - Alliance Harbinger of Doom - Horde
Heartstriker - Alliance Heartstriker - Horde
Hydraxian Waterlords - Alliance Hydraxian Waterlords - Horde

Judgement - Alliance Judgement - Horde

Lakeshire - Alliance Lakeshire - Horde
Lucifron - Alliance Lucifron - Horde

Mandokir - Alliance Mandokir - Horde
Mirage Raceway - Alliance Mirage Raceway - Horde
Mograine - Alliance Mograine - Horde

Nethergarde Keep - Alliance Nethergarde Keep - Horde
Noggenfogger - Alliance Noggenfogger - Horde

Patchwerk - Alliance Patchwerk - Horde
Pyrewood Village - Alliance Pyrewood Village - Horde

Razorfen - Alliance Razorfen - Horde
Razorgore - Alliance Razorgore - Horde
Retro - Alliance Retro - Horde
Rhok'delar(Рок Делар) - Alliance Rhok'delar(Рок Делар) - Horde

Shazzrah - Alliance Shazzrah - Horde
Skullflame - Alliance Skullflame - Horde
Stonespine - Alliance Stonespine - Horde
Sulfuron - Alliance Sulfuron - Horde

Ten Storms - Alliance Ten Storms - Horde
Transcendence - Alliance Transcendence - Horde

Venoxis - Alliance Venoxis - Horde

Wyrmthalak(3мейталак) - Alliance Wyrmthalak(3мейталак) - Horde

Zandalar Tribe - Alliance Zandalar Tribe - Horde

вестник рока - Alliance вестник рока - Horde
Пламегор (Flamegor) - Alliance Пламегор (Flamegor) - Horde
Хроми (Chromie) - Alliance Хроми (Chromie) - Horde

About WoW Classic Briefly Introduction
WoW players have highly requested the classic version of their favourite game. As with any game, changes and major updates are added over the years. Since August 2006, many changes to the game have not been received well: such as trivialising leveling up. The level cap will drop from 120 to 60, but contrary to how that sounds, it will be a far more grindy journey of fun and progress. The current developers have made leveling up very fast in comparison to the classic days, purely to focus on end-game content and raiding which many people do not enjoy. Prior to these changes, many people enjoyed the games for years whilst not hitting max level, something never seen in the modern edition of WoW. The leveling process was a journey, having fun with professions and the grind that is no longer found. Of course, there are countless other changes that will be reverted, as you might expect when comparing something from 2006 to 2019.This did not just simply come randomly, however. Players have been demanding and asking for W-0-W Classic for many years now. And wow Official has likely learned from companies like Jagex that regained a huge portion of their player-base with the launch of Old School RuneScape, which prior to it had a 2006Scape private server. Similarly, W-0-W has been around in the form of private servers for many years now and has been very popular. Even top players and streamers have been known to play on these private servers. The only issue is wow Official were not the ones profiting from these ventures.
The Ways To Get wow Gold
Gold can be got by acquiring rare equipment in auction.The disadvantage is that rare equipment is not easy to obtain because it is necessary to do raids or dungeons, but you need a trustworthy and powerful team which helps complete raids or dungeons. It is not an easy task. Also, the final rewards will be divided, reducing the likelihood of getting rare items and Gold. Another way to get Gold is farming or doing mission. Although this method of acquisition is stable, it takes a lot of time.Time is money, and this method is very boring and uncomfortable.
The Best Place To Buy WOW Classic Gold
Although W-0-W currency can be found through quests, fallen enemies or the dreaded "farming" process, doing it the conventional way is time-consuming. Considering the upcoming release of the Legion expansion pack in August of 2016, stocking up on gold is more important than ever. This way, you can spend less time farming and more time buying everything you need to tackle the next set of challenges.
Recently, game maker provided their own Classic Token system for players to buy and sell WOW Classic Gold. However, the constantly fluctuating supply and demand means that prices will vary. Consequently, getting the best prices isn't guaranteed, nor do you know when you'll make a sale. Our Company's Web is a trustworthy store that sells Virtual Currency and equipment for hundreds of online Game to the Public for Several Years, Including some ball games, MMORPGs and more, all of them can be Well-Received by our customers. In addition, we have more than 10K professional Classic Players farming online every day, we can have the Gold resources security guaranteed. So Here is one of your best Places to buy wow Classic Gold.
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